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Flag Hardware

Centec has available a complete line of accessory items for your flagpole such as cleats, halyard covers, eagles, balls etc. Other accessories include spears, crosses, balls and eagle tops for parade flags and a variety of wood, fiberglass and aluminum parade poles. Below are just a few of the items we have available. Please call for your special needs.
145A 145B 145C 145D 145G 146C 146D 146F 146O 146P 146R 145I 145E 145F 145H 146A 145J 146B 145K Eagle57 Eagle6 1-2 9

5600030 Brass Joint 5600035 Chrome Joint 5640670 Ornament g 5640690 Ornament h 5640675 Brass Star 5640680 Ornament f 5660650 Ornament a 5660680 Ornament d 5660670 ornament c 5660660 ornament b

5620010 Basic Stand 5620005 Elite Silver Stand Elite Gold

5700520 FDD Alum Bracket 5700519 FDD Black Bracket 5700580 School Bracket 5700550 St Metal Bracket 5700510 Elect Way Bracket 5700549 Stamped Bracket 5700580 Sch Bracket 5700513 3 Finger Bracket 5700570 2 Way St Bracket 5700521 FDD St Steel #95985 5700515 5 Finger Bracket Adjustable Bracket 5700000 Elect Way Band 5600660 Cherry Flag Case 5600670 Oak Flag Case