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Our veterans are proud of their service in the conflicts that the U.S. has been involved in. For many years we have marked their graves with markers signifying these conflicts. Many were also very proud of the branch of our military that they served in. Until now there hasn’t been an affordable way of recognizing both. The answer is to purchase one of our branch of service Insignias which attach to the rod that holds the various war markers. They are available in bronze or aluminum and are held in place on the rod by a set screw. In addition to the branches of service, we offer others such as purple heart, POW, KIA etc. Multiple insignias can be mounted on the rod if desired. If you do not see what you are interested in, please contact us for a quote on custom made insignias.
EMS Marker
Description Bronze Part# Alum Part#
Army Insignia SB-01 SA-01
Navy Insignia SB-02 SA-02
Marine Insignia SB-03 SA-03
Air Force Insignia SB-04 SA-04
Coast Guard Insignia SB-05 SA-05
National Guard Insignia SB-06 SA-06
POW Insignia SB-07 SA-07
Purple Heart Insignia SB-08 SA-08
Mil. Order of PH Insignia SB-09 SA-09
Killed in Action Insignia SB-10 SA-10
Air Corp Insignia SB-11 SA-11
WW II Insignia SB-12 SA-12
WWI Insignia SB-13 SA-13
Iraq Insignia SB-14 SA-14
Afghanistan Insignia SB-15 SA-15
Korea Insignia SB-16 SA-16
Persian Gulf Insignia SB-17 SA-17
Desert Storm Insignia SB-18 SA-18
Vietnam Insignia SB-19 SA-19
82nd Airborne Insignia SB-20 SA-20
Custom Insignia SB-CUS SA-CUS
Bronze Insignia - Soldier TBI001
Bronze Insigna - Clergy TBI002
Bronze Insignia - Elder TBI003
Bronze Insignia - Deacon TBI004
Bronze Insignia - Missionary TBI005
Bronze Insignia - Minister TBI006
Bronze Insignia - CCCU TBI007